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Good to Go

Good to Go For the fastest possible service, please call our rush order department to place your order or answer any questions. 216.364.2470

Promotional Products

  • Order must be placed by Noon
  • Camera Ready art to size is required for next day shipping
  • Art services are available for 2 day orders
  • Order will be confirmed by end of business day

Embroidered Apparel

  • Orders must be placed by noon on Tuesday for Friday shipping
  • Embroidery Disc must be on file at Team Promotions and is "good to go" approved prior to receiving order
  • Min 6 pieces / Max 144 pieces
  • Pricing based on number of items per thread color
  • Hats always priced separately than flat goods in addition to line above
  • Must use thread colors in stock - pms matches will be done with closest color in stock
  • Inventory will be confirmed by end of day
  • Orders can not be bundled

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